Oil & Gas

Realiable high capacity wireless networks that operate over large areas under extreme conditions to ensure operational efficiency, and employee safety

To meet today’s seemingly endless global demand for energy, oil and gas companies require reliable broadband communications to significantly enhance the efficiency, productivity, safety and security of oil and gas exploration and production sites. 


Enabling direct voice, video and data communications among command staff and units in the field, improving both C2 and operational coordination

Secure, reliable communications forms the basis of any military mission. A unified virtual voice network, the ability to accommodate a diverse range of call types, dynamic topology and top of the line security is required to meet the strategic and tactical communications needs on the battlefield.

HLS/ Safe City

Wireless broadband services that facilitate rapid threat detection and enhanced situational awareness for emergency response commanders and managers

When a comprehensive security approach is needed in today’s complex urban environment, governments are increasingly looking toward communications technology to facilitate crime reduction, terror detection and disaster recovery.

Wireless Internet Service Provider

Wireless Internet Service Provider 

While rural communication needs are similar to those of urban locations, the nature of remote locations present terrain and environment challenges that make delivering connectivity via terrestrial infrastructure into a non-cost effective solution. Bringing wireless broadband services to remote locations speeds the areas economic development, increases overall municipal efficiency and provides a higher quality of life for residents


Flexible, scalable wireless broadband networks that can provide a wider coverage footprint across entire neighborhood grids.

Today’s industrial operations require robust communication networks to support their day-to-day operations and processes. More and more industrial facilities are choosing wireless networks as they are simple and cost-effective to install and offer the flexibility these industries need to scale their businesses with regard to adding additional locations or increasing their network reach. 

Public Transportation

Wireless broadband access for trains,

underground subways and city buses and passengers

Providing broadband connectivity on public transportation enhances the travel experience and allows for better safety and security along the route. Daily commuters appreciate high speed Internet access, passengers enjoy a higher level of security via real-time video transmission from on board and station-based CCTV cameras, and operators benefit from on-board VoIP services for real-time Public Address (PA) system emergency intercommunications.


Fast, reliable wireless broadband communication systems that outperform terrestrial systems

With today's ever-increasing demand for high-bandwidth data and low-latency VoIP applications, corporate enterprises have a growing need to bridge network from remote branches to corporate headquarters. Whether next door or across the country, enterprises require fast, reliable broadband communications that outperform terrestrial systems, in terms of cost and capabilities. The ability to deploy high speed wireless connections allows enterprises to centralize servers within a single facility, reducing costs and simplifying server management.

Broadcasting Solutions


All communications for your broadcasting vhichels or small mobile equipment for the field crew

As part of BBT Broadcasting solutions BBT has developed the most sufficient, reliable easy to use zero-touch rapid deployment for broadcasters The VMx series. The VMx offers to broadcasters new, simple way to broadcast up to 5 different video streams from anywhere to anywhere in matter of seconds with maximum 7 seconds latency. The Video Matrix Input (VMI) is integrate to the broadcasting vehicles and connected to one of BBT’s SD-WAN nodes. BBT’s SD-WAN platform enables the reliable transmission of five high quality full HD Video streams on any public infrastructure weather its cellular, satellite, MPLS and more. Our VMO (Video Matrix Out), has 5 SDI output each correlate to one of the VMI Inputs plus another IP camera which together act as wireless remote SDI in, to SDI out connection.