About Be Broadband Technologies Ltd.


Be Broadband Technologies (BBT) Ltd. - a new corporation, whose Broadband Wireless Software-Defined – Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technologies and operations have been spinoff of Beeper Communications Israel Ltd. 

BBT develops, designs, engineers and manufactures today's market's most advanced SD-WAN wireless technology solutions. BBT’s tractions to date include a measurable set of customers and users, demonstrating that it is offering a unique solution in the Wireless SD-WAN and edge networking markets.

BBT's technology roadmap based on a proven technology, recognized by the Israeli Innovation Centre (Israel Office of the Chief Scientist), and The BIRD Foundation (Binational Industrial Research & Development), a bilateral partnership between Israel and the US Department of Homeland Security.

BBT has developed and deployed a complete commercial Wireless SD-WAN platform which is implemented as a multi-channel bonded cellular Software Platform. It utilizes our proprietary Wireless SD-WAN technology to enable Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO applications like); Wireless Connectivity for Smart City and HLS, Remote Video Streaming and  Broadcasting; any weird and/or Wireless Connectivity, etc. Moreover, BBT is a technology leader also in IP-based live video solutions and so far we have provided a complete System Solution, based on our unique, cutting edge and commercial SD-WAN platform with high profile users, to address the capacity problems and provide a significant improvement in network capacity, over any public infrastructure.

 BBT is focusing on the multi-billion-dollar niche market based on the current status of its offering – a proven, commercially deployed technology, representing zero risks for development and market validation.

BBT's uplink/downlink solutions use any combination of WAN and/or WWAN such as cellular, satellite, microwave, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet IP connections to deliver WAN, LAN, live HD video and network connectivity from practically any location. The platform is individually assembled and may comprise of Cloud-Server, powerful physical hosting Server, virtual infrastructure, and Edge unit, acting as a Secured Wireless SD-WAN bonding VRF. The VRF  delivers mobile bandwidth-on-demand and includes a list of features, capabilities, and applications that make it a leading anywhere-to-everywhere Secured Wireless Connectivity Facilitator, over public infrastructures, such as any cellular networks, MPLS, VDSL, etcetera…. 

Business model:  BBT offers “Cost of functionality” v “the cost of feature sets.” We build a service model around our technology to create a "recurring revenue” stream for Data and Cloud Services for certain customers. Unique benefits:  Secured Wireless Connectivity Facilitator, over public infrastructures. Also, the platform transforms broadcasters’ SDI-based operations to an IP-based infrastructure (which includes acquisition, transmission, routing, distribution, and management). We serve customers of all sizes from industries that include news broadcast, web streaming, law enforcement, sports, healthcare, houses of worship, public safety, and government.

Some of BBT’s customers: Tel-Aviv municipality; Celcom(TASE: CEL, NYSE: CEL) The Israeli Home From Command, which is an Israel Defense Forces regional command; and many more customers…. So far we have provided a complete System Solution, which includes our technology/products, Cameras, and other related products to address the capacity problems and provide a significant improvement in network capacity, to the Israel Railways.