Broadcasting Solutions

whether its your field reporter, your broadcasting vehicle or you want to get the most amazing live feed from the eye of the storm, our broadcasting solutions will help you transmit high quality video from anywhere at any time with the lowest latency available

VMx Series

As part of BBT Broadcasting solutions BBT has developed the most sufficient, reliable easy to use zero-touch rapid deployment for broadcasters The VMx series. The VMx offers to broadcasters new, simple way to broadcast up to 5 different video streams from anywhere to anywhere in matter of seconds with maximum 7 seconds latency. The Video Matrix Input (VMI) is integrate to the broadcasting vehicles and connected to one of BBT’s SD-WAN nodes. BBT’s SD-WAN platform enables the reliable transmission of five high quality full HD Video streams on any public infrastructure weather its cellular, satellite, MPLS and more. Our VMO (Video Matrix Out), has 5 SDI output each correlate to one of the VMI Inputs plus another IP camera which together act as wireless remote SDI in, to SDI out connection.

Weather on Air

The WOA-5000 provides high quality video over Beeper wireless Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD WAN) platform for broadcast-quality mobile video, voice and data solutions that go live instantly, providing live streaming video in and out of the WOA-5000 on demand – anytime, anywhere and on any existing infrastructure.

With Built in high quality full HD SDI camera, the fact that it is designed for IP67 and the ability to plug in two more SDI cameras the WOA-5000 allows you to transmit high quality video from places that men could not get before, if it’s an hurricanes, tornado, bushfires and more.

The WOA-5000 is a standalone solution with internal battery pack that can last up to 5 hours which allows it to seamlessly provides flexible, simple to operate High quality video broadcast from any place in any weather at any time which eliminate the need to send reporters to put themselves in danger.