Fast, reliable wireless broadband communications systems that outperform terrestrial systems

When a comprehensive security approach is needed in today’s complex urban environment, governments are increasingly looking toward communications technology to facilitate crime reduction, terror detection and disaster recovery.


Beeper’s wireless broadband services facilitate rapid threat detection, situational awareness and provides highly advanced tools for emergency response commanders and managers.  End-to-end voice, video, and data services seamlessly connects government agencies, law enforcement, and other municipal agencies, enabling first responders to achieve a significant reduction in the reaction time necessary to successfully handle crime, terror and emergency scenarios. 


Business Efficiency


For organizations wanting to work more efficiently and respond more quickly to customers, Beeper’s advanced wireless solutions provide a fast, secure, reliable connection to back-office information, customer files and corporate applications. With its high capacity and low latency, Koren Ron’s point-to-point wireless network enables enterprises to extend their networks beyond the confines of their physical walls and buildings.