HLS / Safe City

Wireless broadband services that faciliate rapid threat detection and enhanced situational awareness for emergency response commanders and managers

When a comprehensive security approach is needed in today’s complex urban environment, governments are increasingly looking toward communications technology to facilitate crime reduction, terror detection and disaster recovery.


Beeper’s wireless broadband services facilitate rapid threat detection, situational awareness and provides highly advanced tools for emergency response commanders and managers.  End-to-end voice, video, and data services seamlessly connects government agencies, law enforcement, and other municipal agencies, enabling first responders to achieve a significant reduction in the reaction time necessary to successfully handle crime, terror and emergency scenarios. 


Backhaul Network


Beeper's highly resilient, high capacity wireless networks aggregate multiple, office locations across a wide geographical area. The technology creates affordable backhaul links that can be deployed quickly, providing high throughput and low latency broadband wireless M2M communications to more remote sites throughout the mesh network. 


Video Surveillance


Governments can increase public safety and security with Beeper’s wireless video surveillance solutions. Real-time, high-resolution video surveillance acts as a security force multiplier by allowing police and emergency services to cover a wider area in their quest to protect communities, property and vital assets.

Distance-based Services


Beeper offers private network solutions that bridge the digital divide by providing Internet access to schools and clinics in distant communities. Advanced wireless technology allows these distance learning and health care applications to benefit students and patients residing in hard-to-reach rural and urban areas and helping to improve their future. 


Municipal Utilities


Beeper's flexible software options for M2M communications can help ensure reliable delivery of utilities such as sewer, water, and energy services, while reducing overall costs.  Beeper’s solution has the capacity, range and performance to facilitate distribution automation, advanced metering infrastructure and SCADA.