Oil & Gas

Realiable high capacity wireless networks that operate over large areas under extreme conditions to ensure operational efficiency,

and employee safety

To meet today’s seemingly endless global demand for energy, oil and gas companies require reliable broadband communications to significantly enhance the efficiency, productivity, safety and security of oil and gas exploration and production sites.


With oil fields spanning large geographic areas in remote locations with extreme temperatures, real-time access to large volumes of data with minimal latency is a critical operational factor.


Beeper provides exploration and production companies, drilling contractors and communication service providers with real-time video, VoIP and data transmission for offshore oil and gas vessels, mobile drillers, and onshore offices located within oil fields. Beeper’s reliable high capacity networks operate over large areas under extreme conditions to ensure operational efficiency, productivity and employee safety, even in locations without cellular coverage. 


Digital Oil Fields


Beeper's flexible software options for M2M communications can help create digital oil fields by connecting well sites and sharing real-time data. In applications where fiber installation costs are prohibitive, Beeper delivers broadband speeds and a scalable foundation to securely support multiple applications across the infrastructure. Beeper’s network supports a range of fixed and mobile oil and gas exploration and production applications such as SCADA, real-time video feeds, security surveillance, drill rig communications, field asset tracking, field crew connectivity, and voice over IP phones


Backhaul Network


Beeper’s highly resilient, high capacity wireless networks aggregate multiple, mission-critical applications covering broad geographic areas and deep water locations. The technology creates affordable backhaul links that can be deployed quickly, providing high throughput and low latency broadband wireless M2M communications to more remote sites throughout the mesh network. 


Offshore and Ship-to-Shore Connectivity


For the connection of off-shore rigs and other maritime platforms to terrestrial communications networks, Beeper’s advanced wireless technology provides ship-to-shore broadband M2M communications to network operation centers. The solution utilizes auto-configuration mesh software that facilitates a reliable and continuous connection with the shore network via technology that minimizes the interference typically present when communicating over bodies of water or in high wind conditions.

Video Surveillance


Beeper’s solution allows in-field monitoring and distribution of live and recorded video to mobile users. Using the highest throughput and advanced mesh technology, combined with VPN support and integrated firewalls, Koren Ron enables video surveillance to act as a force multiplier, by supervising field operations, and enhancing safety and security.