Public Transportation

Wireless broadband access for fast- moving trains, underground subways, city buses, and passengers

Providing broadband connectivity on public transportation enhances the travel experience and allows for better safety and security along the route. Daily commuters appreciate high speed Internet access, passengers enjoy a higher level of security via real-time video transmission from on board and station-based CCTV cameras, and operators benefit from on-board VoIP services for real-time Public Address (PA) system emergency intercommunications.


Beeper’s solutions enable broadband access for fast-moving trains, underground subways and city buses. With technology placed on the vehicles themselves and at distanced intervals along the route, Internet access as well as real-time video surveillance, security and safety on public transportation is now a possibility.


Intelligent Traffic Management


With Beeper’s high-speed, reliable wireless connectivity, traffic can be managed remotely, including signal management, transit signal priority, variable message signs and red light enforcement cameras. Data is collected at traffic signals, correlated in real-time and automatically determine whether alternate traffic patterns are required.


Video surveillance


Beeper’s solution enables traffic controllers to identify a range of transportation issues, gather real-time traffic data and effect revised traffic patterns. Using the highest throughput and advanced mesh technology, combined with VPN support and integrated firewalls, the solution-provided surveillance acts as a force multiplier by allowing public safety officials to identify traffic conditions in real-time.