IE-5000 Multi-Wan Channel Bonder Xtreme

High-speed connectivity immediately – wherever and whenever!

The IE-5000 is the latest premium multi-WAN channel bonder in the family – along with the IE-4000 and IE‑2000.


The IE-5000 provides a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD WAN) for broadcast‑quality mobile video, voice and data solutions that go live instantly, providing live streaming video in an out from the bonder on demand – anytime, anywhere and on any existing network.

The IE-5000 is a small device that brings big performance – giving you mission-critical high-speed connectivity comprised from existing 3G/4G/LTE, SAT, LAN and/or WiFi WANs using its multi-channel bonding software. Acting as an SD WAN bonding router, it delivers bandwidth on-demand, and includes a variety of features, capabilities and applications that make it among today's leading anywhere-to-everywhere wireless connectivity facilitators, precisely what you need – when you need it.

Flexibility Covering Every Eventuality

When you need to be in contact, one-on-one or for multiple interactions from stationary or mobile devices in the field where there's no network infrastructure; if you need remote management capabilities or streaming video to a group of participants; if you want to access a public or private network – whether your connectivity needs are a one-off or a regular event, the IE-5000 lets you seamlessly do it all, giving you flexible networking services for any enterprise network need, without having to upgrade any of your existing infrastructure – it's a highly advanced software that's fully backwards compatible.


IE-5000 acts as a standalone multi-WAN channel bonding router that combines multiple 3G/4G/LTE, SAT, LAN and/or WiFi access links into a single aggregated multi-WAN broadband connection. This broadband connection can be interfaced in the field using LAN and/or WiFi, providing ultimate reliability and load balancing for optimized operation. It can be used for a single session delivering full aggregate speed, and it grows to meet your demands for increased capacity by linking to other IE-5000s units in a daisy chain. The IE-5000 router supports IP telephony and video encoding designed for network convergence.


So when you need instant high-speed Internet, you can use the IE-5000 multi-WAN channel bonding router to set up a WiFi mesh in minutes. Employing IP-link bonding, multi-channel Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities provide tens of megabits per second of high availability bandwidth, aggregated from multiple, load-balanced 3G/4G/LTE, SAT, LAN and/or WiFi connections.


Packed with cutting-edge adaptive Quality of Service (QoS) features such as Deep Package Inspection (DPI), the IE-5000 router ensures uninterrupted, reliable and highly secured operation with its stateful firewall, bandwidth manager and Internet failover. Dependable, scalable, remotely manageable and field upgradable, IE-5000 supports a wide range of functionalities aimed at meeting the needs of corporate data networks. Its security functions, remote management capabilities, ability to create VPNs, and its range of protocols and IP routing functions make IE-5000 the competitive product of choice.






















Loaded with Features and Benefits


IE-5000 increases Internet speed and reliability for business-critical, high-capacity broadband applications while reducing network costs:

  • Live video in and out

  • Link aggregation, link bonding, load balancing and link redundancy

  • Automatic switching to the best available link

  • Landline/network backup via an independent cellular interface backup path

  • Built-in DPI and PCRF for added network Intelligence, a key to maximizing Average Revenue per User (ARPU)

  • Further cost reductions by prioritizing links

  • Portable, easily vehicle-mounted unit for quick deployment

  • Encryption that keeps communications secure

  • Network-loss prevention during multi-modem bonding

  • Savings on Internet bandwidth costs

  • Internet connection bonding without ISP support, over a private cloud

  • Built-in WiFi interface

An Arsenal of Applications

Rich features and tremendous flexibility make IE-5000 the best solution for scores of applicatio

  • High-speed Live Video – 3G/4G/LTE speed allows for remote video and monitoring over cellular networks, and serves collaborative video wall and control room environments for the broadcaster

  • Virtual Office – A fully functioning office integrating multiple locations

  • Standalones – Automated devices, such as ATM kiosks or cash dispensers, are quickly and securely deployed, with no change to the existing system

  • Machine-to-machine (M2M) – Tele-measurement or remote diagnostics (SCADA) via advantageous cellular rates and ubiquitous service

  • Temporal/Mobile Deployment – Includes non-fixed coverage areas, such as construction sites, trade shows, vehicles (trains, busses, car fleets, seafaring vessels and more)


IE-5000 is a cost-effective solution meeting a wide range of communication needs in diverse fields, including Disaster Emergency Response, Healthcare, Automation/Production, Education and Training, Security, Banking, Transportation and Dynamic Digital Signage.


IE-5000 managed network services improve agility, while reducing cost and complexity across all your hybrid cloud, data center and local and wide area networks. IE-5000’s software-defined technologies, analytics and automation integrate networks across carriers and countries in order to create hybrid cloud environments for you.


IE-5000 has been successfully deployed for both civilian and military applications, and is currently the best solution for bandwidth speed, whenever and wherever you need it.